Diastratic variation

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variazione diastratica| variation diastratique| diastratische Variation


In the theory of variation derived from the work by Coseriu (1981), diastratic variation is the one that depends on the social stratum to which the speaker belongs. Its outcomes are similar to those of diaphasic variation, which, however, is the result of a voluntary act of the speaker.


See diaphasic variation. Since the reasons for variation in corpus languages can only be speculated upon and the results of diaphasia and diastratia are potentially the same, it is impossible to make a proper distinction.


Coseriu, E. 1981. Los conceptos de 'dialecto', 'nivel' y 'estilo de lengua' y el sentido propio de la dialectologia. Lingüística española actual 3, pp. 1-32.